I know schools have different budgets and needs so I offer a variety of types of professional development with a range of time commitments and costs. I'm confident I have something that will meet your individual, school, or district needs. If you don't see what you're looking for, please e-mail me at stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com so we can discuss possibilities.

I provide professional development on writing workshop to teachers in grades K-6.

Examples of Professional Development Services

  • One-to-one coaching sessions with teachers.

    • Topics include, but are not limited to: community building and sustaining, new teacher support, conferring, small group planning, goal-setting.

  • Half- or full-day workshops (school or district-wide).

    • Sample presentation titles include: Conferring: The Heart of Writing Workshop, Launching and Sustaining Writing Workshop, Mentor Texts: Using Children's Literature to Teach Craft, Using Online and Social Media in Teaching Writing to Young Writers, Nurture Writing Through Small-Group Work, Inspire Young Writers by Being a Teacher-Writer, The Importance of a Writer's Notebook.

  • After school study groups.

  • Multi-day coaching around a topic (e.g., conferring) for part or an entire school year.

  • Curriculum planning with individual teachers or grade-level teams.

  • Leadership guidance.

  • Keynote speeches.